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Y7 is a center of internship and application designed to answer the growing need of university graduates to find an effective bridge between academic studies and the ability to innovate new ideas for solutions – to becoming entrepreneurs.  It is a crucible for harnessing multidisciplinary knowledge and skills and turning them into new products and services that answer global social and market needs.  The process is based on bringing together promising graduates from different academic fields that have a spark in their eyes, training them in Cutting Edge Design Thinking methodologies, and presenting them with authentic world needs. Y7 internships last for 4 -6 months.  Graduates of the Y7 program finish their internships having acquired invaluable skills in innovation, which may serve them well to establish their own start-up ventures or open new doors of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Y7   provides interns with the following:

  • Something greater of an added value – A meaningful global and social contribution context
  • Training – State of the art innovation methodologies, innovative leadership and professional training.
  • Mentoring  – mentoring innovation processes, as well as top scale professional mentoring in multiple areas
  • Facilities – an inspiring  place to work at with a furnished work post
  • Exposure to potential investors, employers and/or  stakeholders

The Y7  Mentoring Team:

The Y7 global mentoring team includes PenZA’s prime Innovation practitioners in various fields with top level professional and methodology expertise. The team works in close mentorship with the program’s interns  to ensure good assimilation of know-how and methodologies and in achieving high quality results.