What is the Proposition for Candidates?

Dock Crews: Dock crews are formed by recent graduates from multiple disciplines relevant to the main theme of each specific Dock that are carefully selected according to their character, innovative spirit, teamwork capability and academic achievements. The crews participate in a training and internship period of 4 months that opens vast opportunities to meet potential partners, employers and investors, and/or to become independent entrepreneurs. If project ideas are realized, crew members are also entitled to a share of the royalties according to specific agreements.

Dock Crew Participants Receive:

  • Training and mentoring in state of the art  innovation methodologies
  • Exposure to relevant needs, potential partners, investors and future employers.
  • An opportunity to pave the way to their own startups or careers
  • The acquisition of  specific skills & knowledge related to the Dock they are part of.
  • High quality facilities with a young and vibrant spirit
  • The opportunity to be part of something meaningful and work for current and future generations.
  • A Y7 graduation certificate and personal evaluation, as an important contribution to their CV and future careers

Participants Need to Commit to:

  • Working within the Y7 center for an internship period of 4 months,   according to the agenda and milestones designated by the Y7 teams.
  • Full compliance with the Y7 Code of Honor and house rules.
  • Sign the Y7 Participants’ Agreement  that includes terms and conditions, and a non- disclosure commitment.
  • Payment of the Participant Fee  for the program