PenZA and its team have taken part in developing new strategies, perceptions and conceptual models in multiple areas, ranging from leadership, national strategies, urban development, through sustainability, methodologies for future analysis, corporate practices, and more.  Within this, our team has playes a leading role in advising and facilitating governments and leading global corporations in designing new strategies in multiple areas.

PenZA partners with leaders  who have a genuine need and passion to work for a better future, and helps them develop new strategies and conceptual models in facing a rapidly changing environment.  Within this PenZA can facilitaes national & regional governments, companies and organizations in the following processes:

  • Facilitating the design of multidimensional national and regional strategies in facing a complex environment of change
  • Facilitating the design and accompaniment of national and regional reforms and transformation processes
  • Designing specific strategies with focus on Innovation, Education and Sustainability
  • Facilitating leadership Think Tanks and creative groups in developing break – through perceptions
  • Conducting survey and strategic analysis processes in various fields
  • Facilitating the design and application of Human Capital Development Strategies & Instruments
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