PenZA operates in several domains of activity, and keeps exploring new domains as the challenges and possibilities unfold.  These domains currently include:


It is evident that the future makes a clear demand on us to accelerate our efforts and capabilities for generating new solutions to the way we live, consume, produce, emit, travel, communicate and socialize in any possible manner. It is from this basic stark realization that PenZA has developed multiple leading methodologies and instruments to foster innovation. (read more)


Based on years of exploring the human natural design and potential  and its multidisciplinary  value – driven educational team, PneZA develops and applies new models of education for all ages and educational levels, from Kindergarden trough the Academy and Post Academic capability building. (read more)


PenZA and its team have taken part in developing new strategies, perceptions and conceptual models in multiple areas, ranging from leadership, national strategies, urban development, through sustainability, methodologies for future analysis, corporate practices, and more.  Within this, our team has plays a leading role in advising and facilitating governments and leading global corporations in designing new strategies in multiple areas. (read more)


PenZA believes that the external expression of things should match the originating essence  concepts and values by which they are created. Based the high level expertise of PenZA’s Design and architecture team, PenZA facilitates the design elements of our project, ranging from mentoring companies and entrepreneurs in the design elements  of their projects, and up to the full conduct off the actual design of building Spaces, Landscapes, Products and services. (read more)

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