PenZA develops multiple educational projects,  fostering the natural intelligences of children, teacher’s training & more.

PenZA develops models for upgrading Academic programs, fostering Innovation in Academies and developing human talent for the needs of our future.

PenZA designs and adapts workshops for multiple audiences World – Wide, ranging from national government leaders, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs , educators, parents and more.

PenZA develops multiple design projects, ranging from conceptual urban design, designing new products and services, visionary brand design and more.

PenZA facilitates the development of startups in multiple fields and at multiple stages, from pre-seed, early seed, prototype development, to market penetration and scaling.

PenZA develops advanced instruments for investment with emphasis on technology transfer in areas of sustainability and social value. This includes the TUVIN fund model for University IP impact investment.

The Y7 trust is a unique model developed by PenZA which embodies the generation of a startup supportive ecosystem by a combination of a barter of skills with a shared equity mechanism .

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