PenZA develops integrated tools for designing national, regional and organizational strategies, based on natural harmonic ecosystem structures. This proposes a holistic approach for human society and environmental development,  generating original conditions for creating a better platform for gathering the collective intelligence of all key actors, and harnessing it towards enactment.

PenZA has developed multiple unique strategies in different fields with key government and corporate leaders.  These strategies include:

  • A comprehensive strategy for fostering innovation in developing countries
  • A strategy for developing Special Social Economic Zones
  • A strategy for urban development within 5 dimensions of sustainability
  • A strategy for fostering innovation in elementary education
  • A strategy for socio – economic developing rural areas out of economic depression
  • A strategy for desiging innovation cities
  • A strategy for fostering the bilateral relations between Israel and different countreis in the world around innovation cooperation
  • A conceptual model and strategy for fostering an innovation ecosystem in cities nd regions
  • A strategy for developing Children’s natural Intelligences in Chinese schools.
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