It is evident that the future makes a clear demand on us to accelerate our efforts and capabilities for generating new solutions to the way we live, consume, produce, emit, travel, communicate and socialize in any possible manner. It is from this basic stark realization that PenZA has developed multiple leading methodologies and instruments to foster innovation – from strategy to application.  Within this  – PenZA’s develops projects and can provide the following services based on its vast experience and expertise:

  • Facilitating the design of national, regional corporate and sector -oriented innovation strategies
  • Conducting innovation surveys, audits and capability analysis
  • Facilitating the generation of innovation ecosystems
  • Fostering a culture of innovation
  • Mentoring entrepreneurs, SME’s and large companies in all stages of developing new products, services and processes from germination to acceleration and scaling
  • Designing and applying Innovation Management training and assimilation programs
  • Designing specific policies and instruments in the areas of innovation incubation, acceleration, Venture Capital, Knowledge and Technology  Transfer, Building Human Capital for innovation and more
  • Designing and applying innovation educational programs from schools to post- academy
  • Designing and applying Open Innovation programs and instruments.
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