PenZA Perception Lab is a discovery crucible for yet unknown and unrealized new perceptions and their application, considering the current state of human affairs.

PenZA Group is a unique multi-dimensional global membrane of people who care for the future, and develop new strategies, methodologies and projects to meet future needs and challenges, based upon universal values.

PenZA specializes in designing comprehensive strategies together with national and corporate leaders, focusing on innovation, sustainability and education. Within this,  PenZA develops and applies advanced methodologies and instruments for leading and mentoring innovation processes, as well as new approaches for education, sustainability, leadership development and training; designing new templates of thinking; building programs for social responsibility and a variety of other areas.


It is our belief that any new perception of the future should rise within an open approach of shared responsibility. We therefore conduct open dialogues and joint explorations with leaders of nations, companies and organizations, seeking together the perceptions and practices that may best serve their future needs, within the larger context of global economic, environmental and social states of affairs.

This is done with a clear position and a shared belief, that anything worth pursuing must have self-sustaining principles – where the leadership and the organization can take up the seeds that were jointly developed and grow them on their own.

We also choose to forage the five dimensions of sustainability in their wider implications, considering the long terms environmental and social impacts of processes and decisions. Our goal is to leave behind a better world for generations to come, and partner with those who share the same determination.



The human race is currently facing an avalanche of unprecedented challenges alongside an untapped set of new permissions and opportunities.

This time calls for a compulsory upgrade in every dimension of the human race’s “operating system”, where the fundamental models of our approach towards human life and the human society, the planetary  environment, governance, education, global economy, industry and many other aspects – need to be reviewed and upgraded.

In this, we choose to base our attitude on a universal set of values and considerations, with the clarity of principles of what we will promote, and what we will not give a hand to.


We have taken the position that in order to begin to truly encounter the challenges that our human society is facing, it is essential to develop and continually seek, be open to and discover new concepts and models of comprehension, considering the long-term view and the effects of what of our current decisions and actions on the generations to come.

PenZA was therefore established as a perception lab, endeavoring to come from an elevated and updated platform of understanding the bigger picture, in search for the perceptions that our future calls for and allows.


We consider the future not as an extrapolation of the past but as an ever flowing and unfolding new permission to which we humans are equipped and encouraged to respond.

This is where every new day, every new moment – present an invitation for new explorations of the yet unknown and unfulfilled, to discover , regenerate and create therefrom.

We feel privileged and responsible to continue to liberate in us and in our associations, the new capabilities, ideas and fields of enactment that the future make possible.


We believe that each of us humans living on earth represents an untapped treasure of capabilities, which is best fulfilled within a higher context and a purpose which constitute a meaningful life.

This makes our togetherness as a human community an extraordinary membrane of human potential, if harnessed together within a joint purpose, joining our strengths for the greater good.

We therefore determine to work together as a team and team up with others who share the same passion and motivating spirit, sharing the strength in our associations and fostering new models of mutual endeavor.


The planet Earth is a magnificent manifestation of a balanced and harmonious eco-system, which nourishes, supports and provides for all life upon it.  We humans are its privileged habitants, as it is the only true home we have.

After more than a century of unbridled human industrialization and consumerism, the human race has come to a situation that endangers our future existence, and has severely damaged some of the most crucial planetary balances, and many species are brought to a point of extinction.   This makes us responsible to be remedial and regenerative in our attitudes – finding new ways to live, to produce and to consume within a shared principle of “Do no harm”.


This time calls us to act from a reasoned foundation, with care and determination to explore and apply new approaches for children education; to harness technologies for the betterment of our future; to find sustainable ways to use materials, to manage our waste, to produce our food and keep our air and water clean.

We therefore determine to promote the accelerated development of applicable solutions, products, services and processes that will allow this, and help leaders, governments, companies, organizations, entrepreneurial groups and individuals to embed these considerations in designing and upgrading their ways of life, their organizational policies & conduct, their products and processes.

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