PenZA is in a constant regenerative process of developing new concepts to meet new challenges. Following are some of the key concepts and methodologies it has developed and is using in its different projects and processes. These are some examples of a whole multidimensional arena that is alive and keeps being updated:


The 5iN  Model – is based on the fundamental outlook of human design. It is a five-fold code of intelligences that are harmonized together for purpose. This model is being used as a basis for multi-dimensional applications and development of human skills that are part of what are mostly unrealized aptitudes. (read more)


7D FosteringGoods™ is a conceptual model and a systematic process for the development and acceleration of new products and services based on a Design Thinking approach. The process is based on seven designated phases, each relates to a natural stage of organic growth (read more)


The five dimensions of sustainability are an advanced approach for considering every dimension of  development to include new products and services, social, economic, urban, industrial and more. This approach aims to facilitate a responsible process of considering the future impact of our actions & their residues on generations to come. (read more)


The NoBOX is a new approach of openess, towards human potential liberation. It is a process of generating a uniques state of mind in individual and group processes, towards an unattached human plasma of occurence wich allows  free radical fields of expression. It is 3 steps journey of liberation from the traditional “In the Box”  and “Out of the Box” thinking, towards a NoBOX state of mind, which in turn allows to embrak of new “Blue Oceans” towards the unknown and unexplored domains of human potential. (read more)


PenZA develops integrated tools for designing national, regional and organizational strategis, based on natural harmonic ecosystm structures. This proposes a holistic approach for human society and environmental development,  generating original conditions for creating a better platform for gathering the collective intelligence of all key actors, and harnessing it towards enactment. (read more)


PenSocial is a new dimension of consideration that seeks to develop new approaches towards social development.  It is based on a fundamental principle that seeks to deal with the causitive factors behind the social imbalances we witness today, in considering their implications on our cohesion and resilience as communities, nations and as a specie (read more)

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