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Y7 Uniminuto Bogotá Third Cycle

During second semester 2016 we were working with 30 students, teachers and administrative staff of Unminuto Bogotá developing social projects. During this time, participants experienced with our methodologies 7D and 5iN and had the chance to interact with our international team, learning by doing about innovation processes. An inspiring process with people that care about the future!

Germans and Israelis Ideate on youth activities

In 2015 Germany and Israel celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations. 8 German and 8 Israeli cities representatives met for a Think Tank session about joint youth activities in both countries. The ‘foundation of Local authorities in Israel’ hosted the session and it was led by PenZA’s experts.

PenZA is working with the young leaders of Comuna Innova project

PenZA started on July a training program to the young leaders of Comuna Innova, a Ruta N project in Medellín-Colombia. The program is based in our 5iN model, providing leadership, teamwork and innovative capabilities as a basis for the training of these future entrepreneurs and city leaders, strengthening their knowledge and skills to innovate.

Y7 Medellín started the first cycle!

Y7 Medellín started its first cycle on august with a group of four young and enthusiasts interns. During the first week they had an initial training in 7D methodology and started the research work for the project to be developed! We are very happy for this beginning! For more information and pictures, visit us in http://www.penzagroup.net/Y7/?page_id=993

PenZA begins Colciencias´s Project “Locomotora de la Innovación”

PenZA started last week in Colombia the Colciencias´s program “Locomotora de la Innovación” aimed to accompany 21 companies in the process of develop new products and services and to generate innovation capabilities. The first week included methodology transfer sessions, Companies presentations and mentors´s feedback, individual sessions for individual mentoring, and above all hard work, passion […]

5iN Analysis

Using the 5iN analysis to evaluate companies´s presentation during Colciencias project. Measuring the impact in the 5 dimensions!

Setting the path

Individual session with the companies to set the path for the project. D1 and D2 analysis to lay the project´s strong foundations.