PenZA’s CEO interview for CESA

Sustainability: without innovation, impossible

Special interview for CESA.

¿What have in common a horticulturist who grows pink tomatoes for export to Japan, a van with its back windows interactive and a house at a tent price?  The answer is: innovation.

Indeed, in all three cases, the producers thought in innovate to open a market or meet a need.

Since the oriental´s taste of this exotic  product, the horticulturist identified the gene that makes the color of this tomato and concentrated on it to increase exports to that region. In the second case and in order to do more pleasant passenger experience , GM designed a vehicle that allows travelers relegated back – commonly – have good dose of entertainment . Lastly, and with the possibility of a natural disaster, a company ideated a “lego house”  type at ‘a tent price ‘ (U.S. $ 1,300) , the family can put it together in half day .

These are just a few examples Zohar Ginosar , CEO of the firm Penza Perception Lab and consultant in the field to the Colombian government, cited to talk about innovation , one of the biggest challenges for the country growth and development. (read the full article in spanish)

Source: taken from CESA website