FosterinGoods: an innovative model to accelerate nine companies in Colombia

December 2012

FosterinGoods™ is a model developed by Ezri Tarazi, leader of the known dVsion Innovation Lab in Israel, that is going to be used to train nine digital companies to accelerate their process into the market and be prepared to face the investors in the implementation stage of in alliance with Ruta N.

Some of the companies that are part of the selected group, Zio and Red Salvavidas, have extensive backgrounds in the ICT business while others like la Papaya and AreaMovil  are relatively new. Although they are in a different stage of growth, Penza group finds that all are in an advanced level and are very open to the methodology that brings the company: “We found a lot of enthusiasm and very professional people on these teams,” said Tarazi, who is working in the training of these companies with other four PenZA´s professionals, experts in the fields of technology applications, business models, games and media. (read the full article in spanish)

Source: Taken from Pulso Social website.