selected the 9 companies for the acceleration phase

January, 2014

Health solutions, virtual stores to buy clothes, pet´s apps and  online loans are some of the ideas that were measured during the training week of acceleration, where nine companies were selected to continue in the mentoring process with PenZA and Ruta N.

The training week, since january 24 to 24, had the participation of 16 companies, that worked in their presentation during the first days. At fourth day, presented their pitch in front of a jury integrated by people from PenZA and Ruta N, who through a vote decided the best nine companies to continue within the process. (read the full article in spanish)

PenZA in Acceleration Program

The objective of this program is to ACCELERATE ICT companies in developing new products and services improving their capacity to CREATE VALUE, SCALE their business and consolidate a SUSTAINABLE GROWTH strategy along time. (read the full article in spanish)

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PenZA in China

(read the full article in chinese) 

Source: Taken from Beida Jaide Bird Education Services website

Penza in Prosperity Agreement No.32, innovation sector

May 2011

During the Agreements for Prosperity day, held in Medellin, President Juan Manuel Santos greets Zohar Ginosar, international expert invited by Colciencias as lecturer in the innovation topic. (read the original article)

Source: Taken from Official Flick Presidencia de Colombia

Successfully progresses Government Workshop: Strategy and plan of action: Innovation

May 2011

PenZA Perception Lab, participated of the government workshop in strategy and action plan in innovation, conducted in Medellín under the Agreements for Prosperity “The Role of the State in the Development of Innovation”. (read the full article in spanish)

Source: Taken from Colciencias website

PenZA in Bayer forum

November 2012

Bayer assumes the 10 principles of  “I fair play to Colombia.”

This was evident during the development of the Forum “Good Business Practices: Legality and Sustainability, organized by Bayer and the Presidential Office for Coexistence and Citizen Security, as part of the campaign “I fair play to Colombia”.

National and international experts gathered at the Hotel JW Marriott in Bogota, where they got to know the latest trends in corporate sustainability and legality in Colombia. (read the full article in spanish)

Source: Taken from Soy Periodista website

PenZa´s experts support acceleration program

June 2013

The acceleration stage is supported by international experts to accompany ICT companies interested in quickly scale their business, and improve internal capacity to create value for your company. The Penza Group, consultants with international experience in startups, governments and businesses, is responsible for directing this stage.

PenZA Perception Lab´s team has years of experience in supporting entrepreneurship and includes recognized experts with academic, consultants and innovative links worldwide with a background of the top academic institutions, consulting groups and own businesses. (read the full article in spanish)

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זD – Prof. Ezri Tarazi’ s new book on Design Thinking Published

The new book by Ezri Tarazi offers a comprehensive discussion of design thinking. (read the full article in hebrew) 

Source: taken from Haaretz website

Designer Ezri Tarazi’s bountiful harvest

Why does big business need designers and where do farmers come into it? Ezri Tarazi explains in his new book.

n 1990, when he was a fourth-year student in the industrial design department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Ezri Tarazi discovered he had miscalculated his credit points and he was one credit short of completing his degree. (read the full article)

Source: taken from Haaretz website