PenZA Perception Lab

Is a discovery crucible for yet unknown and unrealized new perceptions and their application, considering the current state of human affairs.

Our Ways

Any new perception of the future should rise within an open approach of shared responsibility. We therefore conduct open dialogues and joint explorations with different leaders, seeking together the perceptions and practices.

First Principles

The human race is currently facing many challenges. This calls for a upgrade in every dimension of the human race’s, where the fundamental models of our approach to human life need to be reviewed.

5IN - The Five Intelligences Model

The 5iN  Model – is based on the fundamental outlook of human design. It is a five-fold code of intelligences that are harmonized together for purpose.


Y7 is a 7 Fold innovation program, based on the 7D FosteringGoods™ methodology. Y7 is a systematic process for the development and acceleration of new products and services based on a Design Thinking approach.


The NoBOX is a new approach of openess, towards human potential liberation. It is a process of generating a uniques state of mind in individual and group processes, towards an unattached human plasma of occurence wich allows  free radical fields of expression.

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