Zohar Ginosar

Co – Founder

Zohar Ginosar is the Director of Pedagogy and Vice President of the renown Hebrew Reali School network in Israel and a founding member of PenZA Perception Lab.  Zohar led multiple processes of designing national, regional and corporate strategies with focus on innovation, education and sustainability, in Latin America, Asia and Europe.  Within this, Mr. Ginosar also led various international programs, processes and seminars in innovation management, working with companies and entrepreneurs in many fields and mentoring them in designing new products and services, their business strategies and market acceleration.   Zohar specializes in innovative methodologies for analysis and design of national strategies, in national and regional transformation processes and has been facilitating various governments in designing and applying such processes. He has been the founder of the director of the International Division of the Israeli National Defense College and has also participated in various advanced programs in strategy, leadership and systemic thinking in Israel and in Europe.  His academic background includes studies in Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Haifa University.