Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Co-Founder, Design Thinking

A world-renowned industrial designer and educator for design. He is a founding member of PenZA, a member of the Israeli High Education Council, a Professor and Chair of Industrial Design Program at the Technion in Israel, and a former Chair of Industrial Design Program (M.Des) at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Prof. Tarazi is the founder of the “dVision” program of Keter Plastic, a Design Lab that acts as a unique model for innovation and cooperation between Academy and the business sector. Prof. Tarazi is and has been involved in a variety of startup ventures in multiple industries and has initiated and designed innovative products with widespread distribution. He also acts as a lead consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Trade for promoting innovation in low-tech industries. He is the author of זD – “Fostering Goods” – a new book presenting a unique approach to Design Thinking.