Bärbel van Zanten

A Passionate Farmer of New Seeds

Bärbel van Zanten makes innovation insightful by understanding the market and the stakeholders in it. As a founder of IaDea, Barbel helps companies and entrepreneurs in exploring how emerging technological propositions can fit the current and future lifestyles of people. Her past experience in working as a senior researcher at the Strategic Futures department of Philips Design gave her the opportunity to focus on the fuzzy forefront of innovation. Together with start-ups, incubators and rapid-co creation teams she has developed people-focused solutions that improve people’s quality of life. Within this, she co-created services, products, interfaces and apps for smart wood, quality cities, parent support, stress relieve, food and nutrition solutions. After studying Men and Identity at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Bärbel continued her interest in design and research at the European Design Center where she obtained a Masters Degree and participated in a European fellowship program.