Barak Barabi

A Beyond Mathematician

With a B.SC. in Math and Physics and an M.A Science Philosophy and History from Tel-Aviv University, Mr. Barak Barabi has a passion for the deeper understanding and philosophy of Math and Science, and for the development of methodologies and programs for the transference of this passion.

Barak has 21 years of experience in Math and Science programs development and transference, and is an author of teaching books in these subjects. He has been the Co-founder of “Descartes” a leading private school for collage exams preparation, and acted as a senior lecturer in the Teacher’s Training Academy in Tel-Aviv Program for Math and Science . Barak is also a senior lecturer in the top Private Israeli School for Math and Science and program and is a reformer for new pedagogical approach for Math and Sciences for the Branco Weiss Institute – one of the largest funds for new education. Currently Barak is playing a leading Role in PenZA’s education project in China, with emphasis on promoting models for development intelligence in Math and Science studies.